Since 2001, Nogueira Morton PL has served the various needs of foreign nationals, business entities and the immigrant communities located in Florida and other States of the US.  Our detail-oriented practice focuses on international business, immigrant and non-immigrant visas and family-unity centered petitions. 


Our managing attorney, Iara Nogueira Morton, has dutifully completed countless immigrant filings, and has been awarded with the “Clients’ Choice" badge, every single year, since 2012, by the online attorney ranking source,, where she has accumulated over 120 Five Star reviews.


As a service provider in international business immigration, our firm dedicates itself to numerous elements of corporate, immigration and tax law.  We have assisted numerous investors, companies' top executives, professionals, as well as individuals with extraordinary abilities (pop artists and open-wheel race car drivers), among others, to come to the US for temporary or permanent residence via active or passive investment, or by establishing subsidiaries or affiliates of their foreign- based companies or via employment-based petitions.  


As to family-based petitions, we have already achieved enormous success with the newly implemented I-601A, Application for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver.  Since 2013, we have aided numerous families to stay together by obtaining approval of their I-601A Waivers, despite unlawful entry and pre-existing removal orders, being successful at every phase of this consular process, from reopening and terminating their removal proceedings in several different States to enabling them to have quick interviews at the US Consulates in Brazil.  


USCIS, the National Visa Center and the Department of State control the means of immigrating to the US.  Our firm’s familiarity with the requisites for all types of family-based immigration, aims to achieve maximum efficiency and a purfunctory process. 


With regard to foreign companies, we examine their corporate structure and US oriented goals.  In doing so, we engage in foreign corporate asset and establishment verification as well as domestic business evaluation.  We do all this to position our clientele on the pathway to immigrant based success.  This success can be accomplished in numerous modalities, be it via EB5, EB1, L1-A, E-2, H-1B, PERM labor certification and others. 


We encourage you to visit the immigration section of our website for an overview of the various Visas available.  But if you speak Portuguese, you must watch our managing attorney's, Iara Morton's, various videos available right here at our website or through her YouTube channel.   The various videos explain the most popular Visas and their requisites.


She also presents a summary of the differences between a Corporation and a LLC and gives an excellent overview of tax related matters explaining which foreign nationals may be required to declare their worldwide income in the US.


Nogueira Morton PL realizes and embraces its role not only as a legal service provider but also as member of our community.  We understand that our clients often are presented with a myriad of legal needs.  As such, our firm offers a variety of legal services, including also assistance in  personal injury matters (auto accidents, wrongful death, slip & fall, etc.), an area in which we have achieved tremendous success, as well as in family law and real estate transactions.  


To learn more and to set up a consultation with our managing attorney, please contact our office directly.  Iara Nogueira Morton prides herself in extending to our clientele very personalized attention, and our firm's main focus is to achieve our clients' goals.   




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